Online education revolution happened way back and it has been alleviating the prohibitive constraints of traditional learning since then. Education is not a privilege for the few but a right for all. Online education ensures this and is positively liberating millions of minds who cannot achieve education in brick and mortar schools. It has the potential to change the world and currently it is doing so.

As per the reports of We Forum, the online learning market stood at a whopping $166.5 billion in 2016. UNESCO evaluates that by 2025, more than 100 million young education pursuers will try to get admitted to online universities that don't exist in the real world. A more educated world gives an economically developed society to the next generations. Indeed online education is the future of society.

Online Education is majorly of two types. One is where students get enrolled for tertiary education and the other where online education involves certification courses and professional training. Also, various companies are providing online management platforms to educational institutes which not only covers the online learning aspect but also leverages administration proceedings and benefits teachers and parents in various aspects. Thus in any form of natural calamity or necessity, the students are given uninterrupted learning experience by the teachers and the administration chores and parents activities are equally maintained.

Here are the advantages of Online Education -


Online Education ensures flexibility to all its stakeholders. While the students get the freedom to study at their pace, the teachers can also share their e-assessments, reports at their convenience. It gives power to the associates to delegate their time towards multiple projects.

Minimum cost

Online Education is less costly than traditional learning as it diminishes the cost of travel, transport, car maintenance and others. One can study without any geographical constraints and at their convenience.

Document storage

The information related to the course of study like training materials, emails, documents, etc. is stored securely in an online database and are accessible at any time. For individuals pursuing higher studies or carrying out research, this is more convenient as maintaining hard copies are becoming difficult day by day. Also, the administration faculty and the teachers can maintain their attendance data, teaching content, notification details in one place and utilise them when needed.

Building connections

While many online courses pave way for participants to meet and bond with peers virtually, it also enables the teacher and the student to build a strong relationship and bring positive results to the plate by the collaboration. This also helps the teachers to optimize their teaching methods as per the student. On the other hand, the student can communicate freely with the teachers individually.

Expert Guidance

Many colleges provide students with specialized courses and with Online Education booming day by day, distance is not a hindrance anymore. With expert guidance, the students can get certification courses or a professional can pursue a unique degree under an expert's supervision without living near or inside the institution.

According to the Global Shapers Survey, online education is as strong as traditional learning in a classroom. With the emergence of upgraded and innovative technologies, the education system is changing and Online Education is becoming an integral part of the society.

Targetorate provides Online Education Portal for schools and colleges where the organizations not only impart virtual learning to students but also let teachers maintain records, distribute e-assessments to the students. Moreover, the platform enables administration faculty to carry out daily activities from any place at any time and the parents can keep a constant check at their children's performance, get notified about changes and pay fees online.

So, it is time to embrace the change and welcome Online Education more and more with open arms!

Online Educational Portal

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