Technological innovations are at a high all the time. It is natural to feel that technology in modern times is too fast paced to keep up with. Amidst the many technological innovations, Learning Management Systems (LMS) are becoming a rage nowadays as they are the mecca of management system platforms, equipped with tools and resources to facilitate even the most mundane of administrative, evaluative, or academic task, apart from Live classrooms, lesson planning and others. However, many are hesitant to go digital and embrace technology-based educational administration system, as myths have started floating around.

Today, we will debunk LMS myths for you!

Myth 1: LMS is complex, cumbersome hard to use and maintain

This is a complete myth as LMSs are evolving regularly and the latest ones are built in a way to facilitate the lives of the users (students, teachers, parents, administrators) and not make it hard. High-end LMSs are cloud-based SaaS solutions. They have a user-friendly interface, easy to install, compatible with any device, and easy to manage without any proper tech knowledge. One can add or remove users, create a course, give or restrict access to managers and learners, change default settings, adjust default roles of a particular user, add extra user-profile fields, hide existing courses from learners, build course reports, create the different login/logout reports, download the user list, download grade reports for individual courses, and more. Thus, LMS administration is easy as well as effective.

Myth 2: LMSs are costly

Many believe that LMSs are extremely expensive and involves a lot of maintenance cost. But when compared to a long-term saving, LMS is the best solution. Many LMS providers offer one-time purchase option and maintenance. Though your staff size, faculty productivity and student volume keep on increasing, yet your structured, organized financial and academic control or virtual classroom capabilities remain constant. As a result of these improvements, your company will also witness increased profitability.

Myth 3: LMS doesn't provide rich interactive teaching and learning engagement

High-end LMSs are designed for managing, documentation, sharing, tracking, evaluations, reporting and Live class streaming. They are completely integrable platforms that support user-friendliness, linking, video streaming, document sharing, self-guided discussion platforms, virtual class sessions, recording, storing and many more. LMSs are the hub of rich content and resources of any form, boosting user engagement and interactive teaching and learning.

LMSs are often misunderstood solutions that have the power to control the academic functioning of schools and colleges, along with everyday administrative tasks.

Targetorate provides innovative, user-friendly and powerful Online Education Portal for schools and colleges to debunk all of these myths and offer the best quality solutions on the market.

So, don't get misled and embrace the change. Get in touch with us!

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